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The idea of a show in Southwestern Ohio was first conceived in the mind of a single man,who on December 30,1970 called upon a group of his fellow antique farm collectors to meet with him at his home to discuss the possibility of having an antique machinery show
closer to home.

At this first meeting there were only 5 men in attendance-but it was a start A date was selected for a second meeting and each of the 5 men were to recruit other interested antique machinery collectors.

In subsequent meetings ,the name was chosen and a group of men were elected to serve as officers. A meeting was held with three members of the fairboard in Georgetown Ohio to discuss dates and arrangements for using the "Brown County Fairgrounds" for our show.

An Articles of Incorporation was filed with the state of Ohio which was granted March 13,1971, thereby establishing the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Inc.

As it's objectives,the club would attempt to revive and spread nostalgic interest in the Steam Engine -that great source of power which made America so agriculturally strong;

To focus attention on the steam engine's successor-the internal combustion engine whose purring ,putt sound were music to so many ears :To relive for several exciting day each year the glamorous days of threshing rings and steam engine work; To improve good fellowship as we foster our interest in meetings and reunions;To push for a greater tomorrow backed by the strength of yesteryear's progress.

From our humble beginnings in the early days,and with the help of volunteers, equipment owners and operators, and patrons the organization has prospered over the years into a most successful show. We now have our own grounds that we improve upon each year to keep you coming back to see what's new each year !

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